One Table Duplicate Bridge

(0) Supply your .pbn URL

Enter an http:// address that ends in .pbn in the text field named "URL" above (or just use the sample one that is there already). The steps to do so are outlined below.

  1. In another browser tab or window browse to one of the links listed below,
  2. select a .pbn file you like.
  3. copy the link of that file (by selecting the link and Copying the selection).
  4. switch back to this current tab or window.
  5. clear the text field "URL" above and "Paste" the link address into the text field.
  6. press "Submit URL" to retrieve the .pbn file named in the text field.
  7. (if you get an error message, the web server source may be too slow or web traffic may be too high, so refresh your webpage and try again, or try another link)

The app is designed to download up to 36 boards. Do all the above steps before clicking or tapping the blue "Deals" button in the upper right corner of the window, to proceed. These steps are only required once for a whole new collection of boards. (There is more help on the next page.)

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